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Boutique Hotels in Valletta

Knowing Malta

Travellers are spoilt for choice when it comes to boutique hotels in Valletta because there are so many options available. Budget-friendly travellers will find plenty of excellent hotels and guest homes in Valletta that offer both safety and comfort. More hotels are opening up, some of which have won awards for their architecture. In Valletta, there are also capsule hotels, some of which are exclusively for women. For those seeking more solitude, mid-range and renowned business hotels in Valletta offer convenience and all the essential amenities, making them a fantastic choice for visitors who intend to spend the majority of their time exploring the city.

Boutique hotelsValletta Boutique Hotels

Since the 1980s, boutique hotels have been popping up all over the place. Originally only located in urban areas, these design-driven hideaways can now be found on beaches, in the mountains, on ski slopes, and even tucked away inside bigger towns!

Small, welcoming hotels known as "boutique hotels" typically have between 10 to 100 guest suites, and each one has a unique, never-standard design.

Features of a boutique hotel

Although there isn't a clear definition of a boutique hotel, the category frequently shares similar characteristics.

5 traits of boutique hotels are as follows:

  1. Size:

Small boutique hotels often have between 10 and 100 rooms. They are small in size, giving the impression of being an intimate guest in a private residence rather than just a hotel inhabitant. They frequently have shared "living rooms" where visitors can mingle.

  1. Individuality:

The atmosphere of each property is unique and never gives off the impression that it is part of a series. They frequently run independently and aren't connected to a big chain. However, InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts owns the Kimpton Hotel brand, the largest independent boutique hotel chain in the world (IHG). Alternatively, they could be privately owned but a part of a luxury hotel group like Relais & Chateaux or Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

  1. Design:

A boutique hotel's architecture and interior decor are as distinctive as its services, yet they are always upmarket and frequently combine fashionable elegance with period features. The lines could be streamlined and modern, cozy and friendly, or even an artistic fusion. Boutique hotels include meticulously designed interiors that project a sophisticated aesthetic. Each guestroom is uniquely furnished, with luxury linens and pricey amenities.

  1. Location:

Although there isn't a hard and fast rule, many boutique hotels are found in the trendiest and most upscale urban districts. You'll find them in vibrant, developing neighbourhoods—they might even be contributing to the area's revitalization—and upscale residential areas that are distant from crowds but close to the city's top attractions. In resort regions, chic boutique hotels can be found as well, usually well concealed from the main tourist crowd.

  1. Culture:

Boutique hotels frequently celebrate the local flavour with a strong sense of place by utilizing locally-sourced materials and expressing the heritage of the place through colour and art as an extension of each establishment's distinct personality. The entire guest experience at themed boutique hotels is centred on a certain theme, such as art, fashion, or sports, and includes everything from the decor to the services.


Hotel chains frequently provide streamlined services at all of their properties. For instance, Hampton by Hilton provides each guest with a complimentary full-cooked breakfast and a 24-hour coffee service at each hotel. Other establishments with chosen services might provide solely made-to-order meals or continental breakfast. There are saltwater outdoor pools at some chain hotels, while others have indoor pools. However, boutique hotels provide a wide variety of services that vary depending on the area. Services offered by a boutique hotel could be:

  • Sauna, mudroom, facials, etc.
  • On-site masseuse
  • Salon services, such as hair and nails
  • Travel services
  • Laundry and parking services
  • Personalized services
  • Additional complimentary services
  • Gastronomic services
  • Luxurious rooms



Consider travelling to Valletta in the off-season if you're seeking a budget hotel. In October and December, lodging in Valletta is less expensive.

In the previous two weeks, $25 was spent on the least costly 3-star hotel room in Valletta, while $489 was spent on the most expensive.

Although there are numerous variables that affect hotel room costs, staying on a Sunday is probably the best way to obtain the best hotel discounts in Valletta. On the other hand, Saturday, which is often the most expensive day, is the reverse.

Why will Boutique hotels tempt you?

The location and urban centre of this sort of lodging is the first feature that stands out. For those who enjoy city tourism, boutique hotels are located in the most vibrant areas of big cities, in areas recognized for their stores and their history.

Another appealing factor ensuring you will enjoy your stay to the fullest is their cosy atmosphere. Since they often only have a few rooms, visitors can take advantage of the beautiful ambience of relaxation and tranquilly.

In a similar vein, a small number of visitors guarantees the opportunity to provide specialized attention to detail and individualized services catered to guests' interests.

Some best boutiques hotels in Valletta

These are the top boutique hotels in Valletta that are located inside the bastion walls of the capital.

  1. Casa Ellul Hotel VallettaValletta Boutique Hotel

Although it might be considered a small hotel, Casa Ellul offers a level of luxury that is unmatched by other boutique hotels and is the pinnacle of luxury travel in Valletta.

If price isn't an issue, this is a no-brainer with its opulent décor and facilities like individual terraces with a jacuzzi.

  1. Domus Zamittello Valletta

Another upscale choice with traditional decor is Domus Zamittello.

This striking structure, which is still relatively new and has received positive reviews, is situated on Republic Street, which is the best area in Valletta for lodging.

This is a really excellent offer at a fair price considering the high level and location. It is very elegant and has lovely original architecture.

  1. The Saint John

One of the less well-known choices on this list, The Saint John offers suites that are more recently furnished in a gorgeously renovated building in a well-liked neighbourhood: Merchants' Street.

Excellent standards are upheld by a global hotel chain (AX).

  1. De Vilhena Boutique Hotel

De Vilhena Boutique Hotel is a fantastic choice if you don't absolutely need exorbitant luxury but yet want to stay inside the city's walls because it offers a decent blend of comfort and more reasonable costs.

High acclaim is frequently given for the personnel, the calibre of the on-site meals, and the services offered.

  1. The Cumberland Boutique Hotel

The Cumberland, a more contemporary boutique hotel in Valletta, has a stylish and understated design.

The St. John's Co-Cathedral is nearby, and this genuinely opulent alternative offers all the standard conveniences, spacious, pleasant accommodations, and attentive service.

Simple, stylish, and convenient to almost everything in town.

  1. Palazzo Paolina Boutique Hotel

Palazzo Paolina, a relatively recent addition to Valletta's boutique hotels, stands out because to its distinctly baroque welcome room and classically designed interiors.

It's a modest hotel with cosy, well-decorated rooms that have the amenities to match the cost, and the staff is friendly and accommodating.

  1. Palazzo Consiglia

Palazzo Consiglia is distinctive because it resembles a hybrid between a typical hotel and a boutique hotel.

It has a slightly retro vibe, yet is modernly decorated and has high-quality amenities, so it's a little bit unique.

The prices aren't the lowest you'll find, as you might expect, but you get a stay in Valletta that's difficult to find pretty much anywhere.

  1. SU29 Boutique Hotel

The SU29 Boutique Hotel stands out from the majority of Valletta's smaller hotels because of its distinctive decor and opulently built and furnished rooms.

Located close to the Grand Harbour side of town in one of the nicest neighbourhoods to stay in the city.

If budget is not a concern, this is one of the better options available with excellent service and attention to detail.

  1. Palais Le Brun

The exceedingly upscale Palais Le Brun is a relatively new addition to Valletta's collection of boutique hotels.

You'll be lodging in a historical Baroque palace from the sixteenth century with all the contemporary conveniences you'd want for a first-rate trip.

This is a fantastic choice for a relaxing stay just outside of Valletta's centre because to its exquisitely furnished rooms and superior comfort.

  1. 66 Saint Paul's Boutique Hotel

66 Saint Paul's is a fantastic hotel to think about, located in a renovated 17th-Century palazzo in one of the finer areas to stay in Valletta.

The decor of this boutique hotel is a bit unique, fusing the traditional components of the structure with contemporary accents.

With all the comforts and amenities, you'd expect, such as a rooftop pool with a sundeck and views, it is a tastefully built luxury hotel.

  1. Valletta LucenteValletta Boutique Hotel

Valletta Lucente may be the best option if you enjoy classical interior design.

The expansive rooms in this additional boutique hotel choice in the centre of town have a posh, classical air and are a part of an exquisitely preserved historic palace.

A relatively recent addition to Valletta, it has already received rave reviews.