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Property in Malta / Villas For Sale in St Julians Malta

Villas For Sale in St Julians Malta

Knowing Malta

St. Julians is a lively place and you can find some beautiful villas for sale here. The Villas nowadays are at the back of the sea, facing mainly inland, due to the fact that the high rises have taken over most of the view and are in a prime position. This does not mean however, that you will not find a villa with at least partial sea views and or proper sea views. 

Property prices tend to be on the higher side of the spectrum here since the area is very sought after. 

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About St. Julians

St. Julian’s the one and only on Malta. It used to be a small fishing village and it is now, if not the most eminent and important summer resort in Malta. Known for its promenade and high-rise buildings as well as Hotels, it also still has Villas. Villas in St Julian Malta, will be hard to come by, but not impossible, if you have the budget for it. 

The prime area know in St Julian is Paceville, a neighborhood with nightclubs and many restaurants and bars. Owning a Villa near that area will most certainly acquire the immense touristic potential for you.

Surprisingly though, St. Julian's also offers many quiet corners, allowing for good neighbourhoods which are quiet at night and its most enigmatic feature is Spinola Palace, built in the 17th Century by Fra Paolo Rafel Spinola, a knight of the Order of St. John.