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Knowing Malta

Bernards Real Estate, based in St Julians' Balluta Bay area, one of Malta's leading, independently owned, boutique real estate firms, has been serving clients across the island since 1997. The agency prides itself for its quick and reliable services based on an outstanding portfolio of properties from mid to high end.

The company works with a small team of very experienced letting and sales agents
covering both residential and commercial properties. Bernards key to success is the ability to prioritise quality over quantity by understanding its clients requests and offering a prompt and transparent follow-up. This results in clients feeling both relaxed and satisfied throughout the whole property process. 

Why Choose Bernards

Our independently owned, boutique real estate agency has been one of Malta’s industry leading
firms since 1997. Whilst the market is ever competitive, our aim is to focus on what we do best and this is exactly why
we believe our clients get the most value for choosing our agency.

Even though we are a small agency, our aim was always to be different and instead of focusing on
quantity, we focus on providing the best quality service for both property owners and clients looking
to buy or rent.

Our hands-on approach and our highly trained and educated team are a perfect guarantee that we
can deliver an exceptional tailor-made service. The process starts and ends with you. Our passion for real estate comes from the simple understanding of the beauty and reward of providing a home to someone. Being part of the process is an honour and responsibility that we do not take for granted. We make sure that our clients feel 100% happy throughout their real estate journey.

The Process of Buying a Property in Malta with Bernards

Buying property in Malta can be quite daunting and it can get the best of you, just like in any other country around the world. There are quite a few aspects that you need to take into consideration such as agent fees, duties, contracting a notary, the promise of sale or konvenju phase, and more. However, fear not! That is where we come in. We will answer all your questions and we will also let you know how, here at Bernards Real Estate, we can help make your search quicker and easier.

Renting a Property in Malta with Bernards Real Estate

If you are looking for a real estate agency to help you out on your journey, here at Bernards Real Estate, we can surely be of service. Our professional team will assist you in choosing your dream property for renting.

Renting a property in Malta is not difficult. In fact, several foreigners and locals can rent a property with ease. Whether you want to reside in Malta for work appointments, for leisure purposes, or even for retirement, you have the option of renting at your disposal.

Relocating to Malta with our Agency

If you are considering moving to Malta, we look forward to welcoming you with open arms. The Maltese are known for their hospitality and, we can safely say that you will be warmly welcomed by the island’s weather.

Albeit moving into a new country is always a difficult decision, particularly when it means moving away from friends and family, given the right reasons, relocation tends to always better your lifestyle. Whether these reasons are work-related or personal, such as retirement or simply liking the Mediterranean lifestyle, the Maltese Islands have a lot to offer.

Here at Bernards Real Estate, we fully understand that moving to a new country could be the most important decision of your life. That is where our experience in the property sales and letting business comes in.

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