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Knowing Malta

Get the Best Property Deals in Malta with Binni Real Estate

Binni Real Estate is an advertising platform for property owners in Malta that want to promote the estates that they have on sale.

The Maltese real estate market has a broad offering of feasible properties available to buy, rent or sell. If you want to find the top investment opportunities, you will need the help and know-how of local professionals like Binni Real Estate.

Binni Real Estate Services

Investors that wish to establish their residence in historically-rich area Malta can find a large database of properties at Binni Real Estate.

This online platform offers rare opportunities to both foreign financiers and local property owners. The agency acts as an intermediary in profitable deals for both parties. In this regard, Binni Real Estate does not take any commission on properties that are sold through its advertising channels.

Some of the Binni Real Estate services include:

  • Ads for properties on sale
  • Promotions for rental estates
  • Advertising for buying real estate offers

The platform includes a wide variety of properties for sale from both Malta and Gozo. Investors can have their pick from residential estates, office buildings or commercially viable property on the islands.

Homeowners that choose the Binni Real Estate platform have to pay 50 euros for their ad, which runs for 12 months straight. The promotional contract is available for renewal each year.

This advertising service brings real estate investors and property sellers closer. It provides them with a transparent channel of communication and intermediates convenient deals for everyone involved.

How to Find the Best Property Deals in Malta

If you are interested in opening a business in Malta, you have the option of buying or renting modern establishments as well as a great number of historical buildings. Many of these investment opportunities are available on the Binni Real Estate advertising platform.

Malta may seem like a tiny island with very little space left for new establishments. However, there is still enough room for modern constructions that serve present-day industries. You should be able to find available lots for construction on the same promotional channel.

Why choose Binni Real Estate

When buying or renting a property in Malta, you should employ the services of professionals like Binni Real Estate.

Working with locals helps you go through the transaction process quickly and easily. You can count on their expertise when dealing with paperwork and taxes. Also, you benefit from special assistance in finding the best possible deals on the real estate market in Malta.

Binni Real Estate helps you acquire Malta property directly from owners without having to pay commission to agents or other intermediaries.

You can contact Binni Real Estate on their Facebook page here.

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